EBBY — GENAPPE / Baisy-Thy

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EBBY AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name

EBBY — GENAPPE / Baisy-Thy

EBBY AD 2.2  ULM Data

1Coordinates503407N 0042605E
2Elevation (FT)517
3Geoid undulation (FT)151
5Runway bearing (MAG)RWY 14/32: 137° / 317°
RWY 05/23: 047° / 227°
6Runway dimensions (M)RWY 14/32: 298 x 30
RWY 05/23: 251 x 30
9Strength4 500 KG
10OperatorMr Coddens
Avenue du Parc 35b
1310 La Hulpe
11TEL+32 (0) 67 78 02 47
12FAX+32 (0) 2 653 42 73
14Operational hoursHJ
15Basic Information“Baisy-Thy radio” - 132.005 (8.33 KHZ CH) - INFO only, no ATC

RWY 14 and 23: right hand circuit.

Circuit height: 500 FT AGL.

17RemarksThe use of the aerodrome is subject to prior permission from the operator.

EBBY AD 2.17  ATS Airspace

1DesignationBaisy-Thy ATZ(1)
Lateral limits503321N 0042706E - an arc of circle, 01 NM radius, centred on 503407N 0042605E and traced clockwise to 503449N 0042712E - 503321N 0042706E.(2)
2Vertical limits2 000 FT AMSL
3Airspace classificationG
4ATS unit call signBaisy-Thy radio(3)
5Transition altitude4 500 FT AMSL

(1) Active only during operational hours of GENAPPE / BAISY - THY aerodrome. See EBBY AD 2.2.

(2) All aircraft not participating in the aerodrome traffic are strongly recommended to stay clear of the ATZ.

(3) Basic info only. Pilots conducting flights within the BAISY-THY ATZ are strongly recommended to maintain two-way radio contact with the aerodrome authority.