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EBLE AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name


EBLE AD 2.2  Aerodrome Geographical and Administrative Data

1ARP Coordinates510712N 0051826E
2Direction and distance from (city)2.2 KM E from Leopoldsburg
3Elevation / reference temperature

199 FT / INFO not AVBL

4Geoid undulation at AD ELEV PSN

148 FT

5Magnetic variation / annual changeE (2022) / 8.8' E increasing
6Name of AD operatorAeroclub Sanicole VZW
AddressKamperbaan 165
3940 Hechtel
TEL+32 (0) 11 34 27 39
FAX+32 (0) 11 34 88 71
AddressAeroclub Sanicole VZW Pastoor Zegersstraat 9 3581 Beverlo BELGIUM
7Types of traffic permitted (IFR/VFR)


8RemarksDo not overfly the ammunition storage inside the circuit.
Be aware of the UAS-zones in the vicinity of EBLE.

EBLE AD 2.3  Operational Hours

0800 (0700) - SS (after 1900 (1800) only landing)

EBLE AD 2.12  Runway Physical Characteristics

RWY designatorTrue BRGDimensions of RWY (M)Strength (PCN) and surface of RWY and SWYTHR COORDTHR ELEV and highest ELEV of TDZ of precision APCH RWY
THR geoid undulation
1 23456
08600 x 185700 KG

26600 x 185700 KG

EBLE AD 2.18  ATS Communication Facilities

Service designationCall signFrequencyHours of
Basic informationBeverlo Radio125.530 (8.33 KHZ CH)see AD-2.3INFO only, no ATC (En)

EBLE AD 2.20  Local Aerodrome Regulations

Use of the aerodrome is subject to prior permission from the operator.

MIL parachuting in VMC.

Aerodrome given in concession to Royal Aeroclub Sanicole.

Jet aircraft operations not allowed.

EBLE AD 2.22  Flight procedures

EBLE is situated in Kleine-Brogel CTR.

When EBBL is active, departing pilots from EBLE shall contact Kleine-Brogel APP on 134.480 MHZ before reaching 700 FT AMSL.

Aircraft with the destination EBLE shall contact Kleine Brogel APP on 134.480 MHZ before entering the CTR.

EBLE RWY 08 right-hand circuit.

Circuit altitude is 700 FT or 1200 FT, depending on the orders of the ATC of EBBL.

When EBBL is closed, departing and arriving aircraft contact Beverlo Radio on 125.530 MHZ.
When an aircraft leaves the circuit and stays in the closed CTR of EBBL, the pilot has to contact Brussels Info on 126.900 MHZ.

In case of QRA, Brussels Info orders all the pilots in the CTR of EBBL to switch to EBBL APP on 134.480 MHZ.