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EBSU AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name


EBSU AD 2.2   Military data

1Coordinates500203N 0052624E
2Elevation (FT)1 922
3Geoid undulation (FT)156
4RWY07 / 25
5Dimensions (M)2 600 x 45
6SurfaceCONC and ASPH
7StrengthPCN 34 R/A/W/T
8OperatorBelgian Air Component
11Operational hoursPPR

Reserve aerodrome (can be activated by NOTAM).

Two groups of aerial masts with height 17 M (56 FT) AGL are present, no markings.

EBSU AD 2.24  Charts Related to EBSU

AD 2 EBSU AOC 01Aerodrome Obstacle Chart. Type B