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EBUL AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name


EBUL AD 2.2   Military data

1Coordinates510839N 0032832E
2Elevation (FT)87
3Geoid undulation at AD ELEV PSN (FT)147
4RWY07 / 25
5Dimensions (M)2980 x 45
7StrengthAUW 10 000 KG
8OperatorBelgian Air Component
11Operational hoursPPR

Reserve aerodrome (can be activated by NOTAM).

Aerodrome given in concession to civil club outside MIL activity (see EBUL AD 2.23)

EBUL AD 2.17  ATS Airspace

1DesignationUrsel ATZ
Lateral limitsA circle, 2 NM radius, centred on 510839N 0032827E.(1)
2Vertical limits2 000 FT AMSL
3Airspace classificationG
4Unit call signUrsel Radio(2)
5Transition altitude4 500 FT AMSL
6Hours of activationActive only during civil operational hours of Ursel aerodrome. See EBUL AD 2.23 § 1.2.

(1) All aircraft not participating in the aerodrome traffic are strongly recommended to stay clear of the ATZ.

(2) Basic information only. Before commencing a flight to or from Ursel, pilots shall coordinate with the aerodrome authority. Pilots conducting flights within the Ursel ATZ are strongly recommended to maintain two-way radio contact with Ursel Radio.

EBUL AD 2.23  Additional Information

1.1   Contact Details
1.1.1   Operator

Langendamdreef 8
9880 Aalter

TEL: +32 (0) 475 86 71 16 (Airport Commander)

1.1.2   Clubs

Aero Club Brugge vzw Driesstraat 23 9910 Aalter BELGIUM

TEL: +32 (0) 9 374 25 75 (AD)

Email: info@aeroclub-brugge.be

URL: www.aeroclub-brugge.be


Vliegclub Ursel
Urselseweg 183A
9910 Knesselare

TEL: +32 (0) 9 374 12 90 (AD)

Email: info@vliegclubursel.be

1.2   Operational Hours
  • FRI: 1300 (1200) - SS+30 MIN
  • SAT, SUN and HOL: TKOF and LDG: 0900 (0800) - SS+30 MIN
  • After 1900 (1800) to SS+30 MIN: only LDG allowed (PN)
1.3   Runway Physical Characteristics

RWY dimensions (M): 799 x 45

1.4   Communication Facilities

Basic Information: “Ursel Radio” - 135.130 (8.33 KHZ CH) - INFO only, no ATC (En)

1.5   Local Traffic Regulations
  • The use of the AD is subject to PPR from the OPR;
  • AD given in concession to the CIV club outside MIL ACT;
  • Solo training flights can only be performed after two reconnaissance flights with instructor. The solo training flight must be performed within six weeks after the first reconnaissance flight;
  • Jet aircraft operations not allowed.

Obstacles: trees between 10 M AGL and 22 M AGL, caution when crosswind:

  • North of the RWY, 75 M from CL, along the whole length of the RWY;
  • South of the RWY, 75 M from CL, and at THR RWY 25 from THR RWY 07 to 140 M east of THR RWY 07.
1.6   Flight Procedures

RWY 07 and 25 left hand circuit, 1 200 FT AGL.

Taxi procedures:

  • RWY 07 (TKOF): taxi on the north side of the RWY to the HLDG position of RWY 07;
  • RWY 07 (LDG): after landing roll out to the second intersection (THR RWY 25), turn left, turn left again, taxi via the TWY to the first intersection, turn left, cross the RWY (check for landing ACFT), taxi on the south side of the RWY to the AD reporting office;
  • RWY 25 (TKOF): taxi on the north side of the first intersection, turn left, next turn right, taxi via the TWY to the second intersection, turn right, taxi to the HLDG of RWY 25;
  • RWY 25 (LDG): after landing roll out to the end of the RWY, taxi on the south side of the RWY to the AD reporting office.