EBHF — KALLO / De Perel

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EBHF AD 3.1  Heliport Location Indicator and Name

EBHF — KALLO / De Perel

EBHF AD 3.2  Heliport Data

1Coordinates511608N 0041745E
2Elevation (FT)27
3Geoid undulation (FT)INFO not AVBL
4Dimensions (M)24 x 24
7Strength5700 KG
8Arrival routes (MAG)277° to 021°
9OperatorKatoen Natie Bulk Terminals NV Haandorpweg 1 9130 Kallo
10TEL+32 (0) 3 570 43 39

+32 (0) 491 92 40 37

13Operational hoursH24
14Basic Information
(languages used)
15RemarksPrior permission required (Contact operator prior for arrival procedure).
Caution heliport situated 60M north of Antwerp CTR.
Wind turbine at 360M north of the FATO (height 200M day and night ICAO markings).
No training flights.