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Version: 2.29

skeyes is the trade name of Belgocontrol, autonomous public company with registered office at de Meeussquare 35 1000 Brussels, registered in the register of legal entities under company number 0206.048.091.

Belgocontrol requires the users of its AIM and Meteo data to identify themselves and assesses to what extent the information is used. By gaining a better understanding of our customers, we can tailor our products and services to suit their specific needs. That is why registration is mandatory. All information shared will be kept confidential, in accordance with the Belgian law on privacy protection. Read our privacy policy here.

No paper or electronic copies of the pages of this website shall be broadcast or redistributed in any form or any way, for commercial or non-commercial reasons, without specific and prior written permission of Belgocontrol. Read the disclaimer here.