Filing a flight plan


Flight Plan Filing

Flight plans can be submitted at the ARO by telephone, fax or AFTN, or through a workstation (at the international airports in Belgium).
An electronic flight plan form can also be filled out and sent through the Internet (see AIM-Meteo Briefing).

When the flight plan has been submitted via Internet, the pilot shall contact ARO to ensure the flight plan is received correctly and has been approved by the Air Traffic Services.


Flight Plan Related Messages

In order to improve safety for international VFR flights, any change to the flight plan (route change, delay or cancellation) has to be notified to the ARO, as well as the activation and closure of the flight plan. Pilots are required to inform the local ARO of any of the above-mentioned events. The ARO then transmits the information to all recipients of the flight plan.

This procedure allows air traffic control services to monitor the safe conduct of the flight and to avoid unnecessary interventions of the emergency services. At present, the reporting of departure, arrival, change, delay or cancellation of a flight plan is only available to authorized airport authorities via the Internet.



Via the "Balloon flight notification form" available on AIM-Meteo Briefing, balloonists can notify a balloon flight to Brussels Brussels Flight Information Service (FIS).
Mind that this "Ballooning flight notification" is not a replacement for a flight plan.
Balloonists still need to file a proper flight plan when crossing national borders.

When a balloon flight is not taking place the flight can be cancelled via the "Balloon flight cancellation form".