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EBST AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name


EBST AD 2.2  Aerodrome Geographical and Administrative Data

1ARP coordinates504731N 0051206E
Site of ARP at aerodromeNorth edge of RWY 06L/24R, 425 M from THR 24R
2Direction and distance from (city)1.5 NM SE from Sint-Truiden
3Elevation / reference temperature

238 FT / INFO not AVBL

4Geoid undulation at AD ELEV PSN

151 FT

5Magnetic variation / annual changeE (2015) / INFO not AVBL
6Name of AD operatorLimburg Regional Airport
AddressLichtenberglaan 1090
3800 Sint-Truiden
TEL+32 (0) 11 58 09 89 (ADO)
+32 (0) 473 97 61 99 (ADO)
+32 (0) 494 70 20 81 (AD CMDR)
EmailManned and RPAS flying activities: ebst@droneport.eu
WebsiteINFO not AVBL
7Types of traffic permitted (IFR/VFR)



PPR: The use of the aerodrome is subject to prior permission from the aerodrome operator and to be filed prior departure.

Signal square: 504743N 0051243E (Droneport building roof).

EBST AD 2.3  Operational Hours

Opening hours: 0900-1700 (0800-1600) (or until SS, whichever is earlier).

Extended opening hours: earlier opening as from 0600 (0500) or later closing until 2100 (2000) is possible with PPR 24HR and extra fees.

AD administration: 0900-1700 (0800-1600) (or until SS, whichever is earlier).

EBST AD 2.4  Handling Services and Facilities

1Cargo-handling facilities
2Fuel typesAVGAS 100 LL, UL91 and Jet A1 available
Oil typesPiston engine W15W-50
3Fuelling facilities and capacityFixed pumps
AVGAS 100LL: 25000 L
UL91: 10000 L
Jet A1: 15000 L
4De-icing facilities
5Hangar space for visiting aircraftO/R
6Repair facilities for visiting aircraft
7RemarksPayment: Landing fees, fuel and hangar space payable with credit or debit card.

EBST AD 2.8  Aprons, Taxiways and Check Locations Data

1Apron designation, surface and strengthINFO not AVBL, CONC and ASPH, 9000 KG on ASPH
2Taxiway designation, width, surface and strengthINFO not AVBL, 10.3 M, ASPH, INFO not AVBL
3ACL and elevation
4VOR check points
5INS check points

EBST AD 2.12  Runway Physical Characteristics

RWY designatorTrue BRGDimensions of RWY (M)Strength (PCN) and surface of RWY and SWYTHR COORDTHR ELEV and highest ELEV of TDZ of precision APCH RWY
THR geoid undulation
1 23456
0658°1199 x 509000 KG
234  FT

151 FT
24238°1199 x 509000 KG
207 FT

151 FT

Slope: < 1%

EBST AD 2.13  Declared Distances

1 23456

EBST AD 2.16  Helicopter Landing Area

Helicopter take-off and final approach on THR 06/24.

EBST AD 2.17  ATS Airspace

1DesignationSint-Truiden ATZ
Lateral limits504836N 0050925E - 504902N 0051151E - 504835N 0051338E - 504657N 0051555E - 504355N 0051545E - 504709N 0050621E - 504836N 0050925E.(1)
2Vertical limits2 000 FT AMSL
3Airspace classificationG (1)(2)
4Unit call signBrustem Radio (3)
5Transition altitude4 500 FT AMSL

(1) EBR61 excl.

(2) EBR62, EBR63, EBR64, EBR66, EBR72 and EBR73 excl when active.

(3) Mandatory two-way radio contact and communication for arriving, departing and crossing traffic.

Restrictions due to RPAS and/or balloon activity will be announced by NOTAM and/or “Brustem Radio”.

EBST AD 2.18  ATS Communication Facilities

Service designationCall signFrequencyHours of
Basic informationBrustem Radio119.980 (8.33 KHZ CH)see EBST AD 2.3Mandatory two-way radio
INFO only, no ATC (En)

EBST AD 2.20  Local Aerodrome Regulations

1.1   Manned Traffic

EBR61, EBR62, EBR63, EBR64, EBR66, EBR72 and EBR73 are situated in the vicinity of the aerodrome. For applicable restrictions, see ENR 5.1.

Jet aircraft operations not allowed.

1.2   RPAS Activity

See ENR 5.1, § 4 for information on UAS geographical zones in the vicinity of the aerodrome.

1.3   Balloon Activity

Permission requirements and flight request to be obtained via EBST AD CMDR.

2.1   ULM flights

Take-off and landing are only allowed for ULM complying with the following:

  • 3-axis ULM
  • 4-stroke engine
  • able to maintain a minimum IAS of 70 KT.
2.2   Training flights

Touch-and-go's allowed until 1900 (1800).

Helicopter training (ground exercises, auto-rotation) to be executed on RWY 06/24.

EBST AD 2.21  Noise Abatement Procedures

City of Sint-Truiden as well as the villages and residential areas of Aalst, Kerkom, Muizen and military campus Saffraanberg shall not be overflown during circuits.

EBST AD 2.22  Flight Procedures

1.1   Aerodrome Minima

Contact AD.

1.2   Communications

Compulsory position reporting when joining, leaving or crossing Sint-Truiden ATZ during RPAS activity.

2   VFR flights
2.1   Visual Reporting Points

Traffic is advised to use following reporting points when proposed by Brustem Radio

AbbreviationAssociated landmarkPosition
ECHOBorgloon504818N 0051950E
SIERARoad/railroad crossing south of village of Gingelom504422N 0050727E

Approaching the aerodrome overhead to join the circuit: 2000 FT AMSL overhead

2.2   Circuits

RWY 06: right-hand circuit.

2.3   Circuit altitudes

RWY 06/24 1450 FT AMSL or 1200 FT AGL.

EBST AD 2.24  Charts Related to EBST

AD 2.PVT-EBST-VAC.01Visual Approach Chart - ICAO